Rain Forest International School, (RFIS)

Rain Forest International School, Cameroon Staff Needs for 2013/2014

Want to serveĀ as a teacher, school nures, or a guidance counselorĀ for a school year or longer in Cameroon? Below is a list of teacher needs for the school. Many missionaries depend on the school to provide a quality education for their children so they can serve here in West Africa. Go to www.rfis.org for more information.


Art Teacher (half-time)

Bookkeeper (full-time)

English Teacher (full-time)

ESL Teacher (half-time)

Facilities Manager / Director of Technical Services (full- time)

French Teacher (half-time)

Guidance Counsellor (full-time)

Industrial Arts Teacher (half-time)

Middle School Math Teacher (half-time)

Social Studies (History and Geography) Teachers (full-time)

Spanish Teacher (quarter-time)

Student Care Coordinator/Counsellor (half-time)


Bible Teacher (full-time)

Computer Teacher (half-time)

Learning Support Specialist (half-time)

Music Teacher (full-time)

Physics Teacher (half-time)

Science Teacher (half-time)


Accreditation Coordinator (quarter-time)

Examinations Coordinator (quarter-time)

Home Economics Teacher (half-time)

Middle School English Teacher (half-time)

School Nurse (quarter-time)

Go to www.rfis.org for more information.