Schools out!

Hello again everyone,

Secondary School is finished for the year as far as classes go. Next Monday the kids from Form 5 will write the GCE exams. GCE stands for General Certificate of Education where students write exams for different subjects at a regional testing center. It is one of the major milestones in education for kids here in Cameroon. These exam results are posted throughout the country and many people send their kids to schools based on these results. We expect great results this year from Mejang Comprehensive College, aka, MCC. Last year they were one of only 9 schools nation wide with 100% passing and this year the kids have done even better on their report cards.

Ellen loves teaching the high school kids and teaching English, reading, and writing. This year she decided to start a school newspaper to help the kids in their writing skills and also giving them a chance to express themselves creatively. We have published the first edition of the newspaper at if you’d like to read it.

It is interesting reading as it reflects some of the things they think about, death is a constant reality in their lives and not surprisingly a topic they often write about.  Some of the kids have some real writing talent and some interesting humor as well.

A few weeks ago a girl from a non Christian background and a least reached people group told the Principal that she cold never marry a man from her background. When he asked her why not she told him that she has learned that Jesus is the Truth at MCC, we thank God for that! We’ll give an update of the end of year grades and eventually the GCE results.

Love from Mbingo, Thom & Ellen