2010-10-04 Update

How time flies! Ellen and I have been back in Cameroon for almost 4 months! We pretty much hit the ground running.

Ellen was here only a couple days when children started showing up, “my mother said I should come for classes,” which launched her summer holiday time reading classes. School officially opened 4 weeks ago with a pretty large crowd of 230 kids. Nursery classes 1 & 2 are bursting at the seams, and 20 new chairs are being made to accommodate them all! [More…]

2008-04-27 Update

I had intended to write sooner than this, but for the past several weeks when we do get a few moments to relax, that’s exactly what we try to do. We have several building projects starting up at Mbingo, and between buying cement, hiring trucks to haul sand and stones, coupled with the fact that everything here takes 10 times longer to do, all makes for very busy days. There are several other things on my plate, as well, with water projects outside the hospital and our church work. [More…]