2011-09-10 Update

It is time for an update again. As usual there are lots of different things happening within our ministries. Lately when we’ve written I’ve tried to focus on one or two things as our ministries have become a bit diverse and long emails tend to become overwhelming. As a result I think that some folks are not quite sure about what it is exactly that we are doing and if there is any rhyme or reason to it. I say this as a couple churches have written recently to ask. [More…]

2011-01-02 Update

It has been a while since we’ve written to share what’s been happening over here so I want to try to give some updates.  First we need to extend our belated greetings for Christmas and New Years!  We are about six weeks into dry season and, as I look out the windows this early Sunday morning, I see the Harmattan dust that drifts down from the Sahara is heavier than it has been so far this year, leaving a heavy haze in the air. [More…]